Damaged tank


Russian "Cornets" and "Fagots" successfully destroy Israeli armored vehicles

Israel is unhappy with the Russian Kornet and Fagot ATGMs in service with the Palestinians.

The active use by the Palestinian forces of the Russian anti-tank missile systems "Fagot" and "Kornet" caused obvious discontent among Israel. This is primarily due to the fact that it was the use of these complexes that the Palestinians achieved the destruction of the largest number of Israeli armored vehicles, including the Merkava tank and several IDF armored vehicles.



Despite the simplicity of this weapon, Russian anti-tank missile systems have demonstrated extremely high efficiency in the fight against Israeli armored vehicles located near the borders of the Gaza Strip, since Russian complexes block the possibility of starting a ground operation in the region - the Palestinians may be armed with hundreds of Kornet ATGMs and “ Fagot ", and these are hundreds of pieces of destroyed Israeli armored vehicles.

Against this background, the Israeli media, in particular the Israeli Channel 9, have already managed to accuse Russia of supplying weapons to the Palestinians, although there is no evidence of this, since Russian complexes could well have been delivered to Gaza from Lebanon, Syria or Iran, however, Apparently, the IDF is firmly convinced that Russian weapons should not be underestimated.

And when the izi slammed the shash Panzer (empty) in Syria, the pants were full of joy.

Let them not give all the best.

This is exactly the "four", a recent entry. Not a fake. Defeat by "cornet" during transportation.
Like this...

Israel is a terrorist state.
They didn't have much time left.

In fact, the Cornet has proven itself well back in Iraq. "Ambrams" took "in the forehead."

And you give Kiev and the rest of the Croats and Montenegrins, and these are just fascists!

Bravo! True!

Not ... well, I see ... that's just not enough valor. The video shows that the tank was "knocked out" when it was being transported on an auto platform. Maybe they were taking them to the museum at all :) The point is different, so any can be knocked out and the armature is the same. There is no one inside, all tank systems are turned off (including reactive armor and other security systems). Bitterly from such news ...

Ukraine does not have and has never had either "cornet" or "bassoon". These pieces of iron are produced by russia. Well, they are supplied to their terrorist friends.

This video is an ordinary fake, because not a single Israeli tank was hit ..... And in general, I do not understand what Russia is so proud of? It turns out that by this she herself confirms what is already being said in the world. Arms a terrorist organization.

This video is an ordinary fake, because not a single Israeli tank was hit ..... And in general, I do not understand what Russia is so proud of? It turns out that by this she herself confirms what is already being said in the world. Arms a terrorist organization.

cool weapon, the tank on the carrier was knocked out, and in general, is this tank on fire?

Bring photos of Azov with Tavors

Who decided to take out ???

This is a 2015 exercise entry. There really was a tank fire. If you listen closely, you can hear machine gun fire, but there is no aircraft or artillery firing at Gaza.

How does Hamas go to Moscow to work, does the Kremlin support them, and do they buy weapons from Ukraine? This is a kind of "Russian" logic and outlook on life that no one else in the world understands.

And who sold weapons to Azerbaijan recently? Nothing personal, just business!

Earlier it was said: Merkava is one of the most protected tanks in the world, it turns out: one of the most uncleaned tanks in the world. But the ATGM was protested when it would still be possible to do this.

Confused by another, if the Merkava on the track and without the "arena" and the crew, then most likely RPG-7.

If it were not for these "Zionist punishers", as you call the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, their so-called "victims" would have long been at your doorstep. With all the consequences.

For some reason, the Jews did not prevent them from writing down an empty Armor without ammo and crew as trophies.

those. Does it bother anyone that the tank is on the carrier in the video? there is no crew in it.

laid out video-nothing

Was the tank not in transit? when all systems are off? or did they hit him and immediately decided to take out the trophy?

Video about what? Are the fuel tanker tires burning? Where is there Merkava, Bassoon or Cornet?

give one example ...

I would not be surprised if it turns out that the very outskirts that Israel supplied TAVOR to equip the Nazis of the Azov battalion had sold the weapons to the Palestinians, as evidenced in the form of photographs on the Internet. Gordon Duff, a Vietnam veteran and senior editor of the US military intelligence website Veternas Today, recalled that up to 1 Spanish Muslim ISIS were trained by Israel. so what do you want. I will not be surprised if soon the same TAVOR from the Square will start shooting against Israel ...

what are you? Are they shouting like that?

Those. Jews can supply weapons to the Caucasus, Kiev Bandera for the war with the Russian Federation. But the Russian Federation can not sell weapons? Interesting. But not new.

Zionist punishers, like their overseas patrons, are brave only with unarmed victims ... And at the first real danger and resistance, they immediately begin to shout: "Help !!!"