UAV Anka


Russian "Lancets" called "killers" of the latest Turkish attack drones "Anka"

Russian UAVs - "kamikaze" "Lancet" called "killers" of the latest Turkish drones "Anka".

After Turkey announced the adoption of the newest Anka strike-reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles, stating that these drones can effectively engage enemy forces and disable entire positional areas of air defense systems, including the S-300 air defense system, " Pantsir-S ", etc., it became known that the Russian" kamikaze "drones of the" Lancet "family completely neutralize the capabilities of Turkish drones, in fact, being their" killers ".

As follows from the information provided by the information publication DatViet, the Turkish Anka drones have not the slightest chance of opposing the Russian Lancet drones, since due to their low maneuverability, Turkish UAV operators can only observe how the drone will be destroyed.

DatViet experts note that the appearance of the Lancet drones in Russia's arsenal gives Russia a colossal advantage over almost any drones that this UAV “kamikaze” can reach. a means of countering drones.

So far, only words ... Where is at least 1 (one) Turkish drone shot down?

If the Turks named their drones ANKA, then let ours call their drones PETKA or CHAPAEV