Russian pilots are outraged by the Su-57 fighter

Fighter Su-57 outraged Russian military pilots.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter jets will begin to be supplied to the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation only in the next decade, but this Russian aircraft has already caused a lot of disturbances among Russian military pilots.

The user of the “Telegram” channel, introducing himself as a military pilot, said that he was outraged by the fact that 57 stars were immediately struck on the fuselage of the Su-8 fighter, which should either indicate 80 sorties (one star corresponds to ten sorties) . Ed.), or about eight downed enemy planes. According to the military pilot, to date, the Russian Su-57 fighters were used only for testing in Syria, but they were not involved in the implementation of real combat missions, especially of such a large number.

“Or is this the number of flights for a photo shoot? Or landings without AI and OD? Maybe first-person shows? Then draw eight cameras »- indignant military pilot.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to leave these data without comment.

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if the stars are painted then it was for that

And where is the belly for rockets, if he is stealth

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And you, I apologize, serve in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that you state it so confidently?

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I am glad that despite the high cost, the Russian Federation was able to release quickly and a lot of SU-57. And many pilots were able to fly them, compare them with Oplot tanks, and draw far-reaching conclusions. You are clowns.

I explain to those who are on an armored train. The fair indignation of a professional was caused by the unreasonable use of symbols, traditionally used to denote the number of planes shot down or the number of sorties with a real battle with the enemy, expressed in dozens. Neither the one nor the other, this vundervaflya still not engaged. Where Never.

Not Siberia ... We are now developing the Arctic!

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What some people are driving nonsense that 57 su such a secret does not meet the technical specifications, 57 su is the best military aircraft in the world that is fully responsive, it has no equal not in one country of the world, you think your dull wooden head who is chasing harry if the plane carries on myself the best of different types of weapons, which easily performs the figures of any type of pilotage as you can call this plane bad, I'm shocked by some morons

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This is a custom comment, a real pilot about it, but he will not strain, he is interested in the flying qualities of the model, the combat capabilities and security, the Pindos felt that our designers bypassed them in the production of the best models of modern combat vehicles and started to crap, well, of course, there will be and the black sheep in the herd, which will sell for thirty silversmiths and paperwork who will pour this mud, in short, we have so much shit so much that it’s time to take these bastards more seriously and give them the opportunity to rehabilitate I was on the construction of the Siberian cities at full gosobespechenii, then they need help, that they soon got there.

To begin with: the Chinese fought already in Korea. This is for dumb help. And about the weapon, go and better about the super tank T-34, I advise you to see how many wonderful vehicles were released, so that you can pinch the wretched foes on their chariots (tigers and panthers). And yes, there is the technology of victory over the meat grinder: shove so much meat that the engine burns out. Epic victory. D E B & L

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In fact, nothing to argue. The propaganda slag is now on the sides of combat aircraft. It was necessary to cover the whole stars. Then hamsters would feel even more proud and protected. It is strange only that they are now, when they are told that this is propagandon bullshit and this web-like Raptor, which the Pindos will soon write off for old age, will never become the fifth generation aircraft because it shines from the front hemisphere as New Year's the tree, and then, when their illusions are destroyed, scream from both puppy joy and outrage, the loudest. The main thing - more stars ...

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The flying coffin F-35, of course, better.

... ay ... pilots ... you know what the cost is SU-57 --- about 2 billions of taxpayer rubles .... so fly neatly and rejoice that you have stars, not a swastika .... !! !!!

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Let her shove his indignation far away "

There is no element base for avionics for the 57. We do not produce, and Pindos under the sanctions do not sell. that's all.

And ask the names of these pilots and where they live will live somewhere in Ukraine and the names of the Khokhlyadsky

Whether our planes are good or bad, our tanks are good or bad ... But no one in history has managed to bring Russia to its knees, even if the Russians were poorly armed at the time of the attack. Liberal-minded scum at all times brutally beat the muzzle, and the rest bravely defended their homeland. And so be it forever and ever!

Technique is tested in battle, and so each kulik praises his swamp. Where did the whales fight? That same. Of course, technically they are growing, but so far even steel has not been learned to do well.

About Su-57 in general there is no specific information - some speculation, but it is already obgadili and from all sides! This means that the machine will be fantastically good !!!

Your argument, Colonel, is impeccable!
Su 57 will be fantastically good only due to the fact that its technical capabilities are criticized!
Putin listens too much, dear!