EW Complex


Russian MiG-29 during a large-scale attack burned the Turkish electronic warfare complex "Koral"

The Turkish electronic warfare system could not withstand the powerful directional impact of the onboard electronic warfare systems of the MiG-29 fighters.

The transfer of Turkish "Koral" electronic jamming systems to Libya has become a reason for ridicule of Turkish weapons. As it turned out, during the next strike on the positions of the Turkish army and the forces of the Government of National Accord, when three Turkish Hawk air defense systems were destroyed, the work of the Koral system was so severely hampered that it simply could not withstand the load and shut down.

Information on this score is very controversial, because if initially it was reported that the strikes on the air base were carried out by MiG-29 fighters, later the information was corrected - there was evidence that the strikes were carried out by Mirage-2000 fighters, however, against the background of that, information about the burnt out Turkish electronic warfare system, it is logical to assume that we can talk about the use of at least MiG-29 fighters, possibly in conjunction with the Mirage-2000.

It should be noted that Turkey is really trying to defend its military facilities with electronic warfare, as indicated by satellite images, which the Koral complex fell on.

It is not known whether the standard electronic warfare systems were used on the MiG-29 fighters, or whether the already popular Talisman complexes of Belarusian production were used.

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What kind of electronic warfare do they have if the aircraft system destroys the ground one?

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