Russian MiG-35s will shoot down French fighters and drones over Mali

Mali decided to finally crack down on the illegal actions of the French Air Force.

After France began to launch air strikes on various regions of this African state without the consent of the Mali authorities, as a result of which civilians were killed, it became known that Mali had decided to purchase a batch of Russian MiG-35 generation 4+ light fighters. The fighters, presumably, will be just used against the French drones and fighters illegally bombing the territory of Mali, in addition, these combat aircraft are expected to provide significant support to the troops of the African state in the fight against jihadists.

At the moment, it is known that Mali became the first country in the world that decided to purchase Russian MiG-35 fighters. These light combat aircraft, at a relatively low cost, give a significant head start to French fighters that are illegally operating on the territory of an African state.

“After receiving 4 Mi-171 helicopters from Russia, Mali places a new order for three Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-4 fighters of the 35+ generation. The empty weight of the aircraft is 11 tons, the maximum load is 24 tons, 500 kg. Its combat capability is 13 tons of 500 kg of weapons. Its maximum speed is 2500 km / h. The operating range is 3000 km. Mali will become the fourth country in Africa to own such a fighter. We can say that Mali's air fleet is being modernized. "- said a military source in Mali.

It should be noted that the fact of the acquisition of Russian military aircraft worries France very seriously, since now Mali receives the legal right to successfully attack any targets in its airspace, and taking into account the fact that earlier in Mali they wanted to invite a group of 1000 mercenaries of the Russian PMC to the country. "Wagner", it is likely that the latter will operate these combat aircraft.