Russian MiG-35 could test in Syria

The latest Russian fighters of the 4 ++ MiG-35 generation underwent “baptism” in Syria.

The latest domestic MiG-35 fighters, considered one of the best Russian combat aircraft, could be tested in the territory of the Arab Republic in the spring of this year. Such arguments were made by experts, suggesting that these combat aircraft should have been tested in real combat conditions, where in Syria there are all the possibilities.

According to analysts, in order to start entering the troops, a domestic combat aircraft had to pass all kinds of tests, starting from ordinary flights in the zone where the enemy’s forces were located and ending with striking at the location of his forces. In this regard, the territory of Syria, under the control of the so-called moderate opposition, was most suitable for this, and there is practically no doubt that the Russian fighter has fulfilled real combat missions.

“The fact that no official statements were made regarding the MiG-35 tests in Syria does not mean that the aircraft was not tested in the Arab Republic. In fact, this is an ideal training ground that allows you to check the capabilities of equipment in terms of jamming, the actual combat situation, etc. Given that even the Russian “Armata” passed tests in Syria, it is logical to assume that the MiG-35 was also tested in this country ”, - the expert marks.