Russian PGRK "Yars" held an unexpected exercise near the borders of NATO

Russia conducted exercises using the Yars PGRK near the borders of the West.

In the period from January 25 to 26, 2022, the Russian military conducted maneuvers using the Yars mobile ground-based missile systems (PGRK). According to representatives of the Western Military District, the Yars PGRK moved to combat patrol routes. At the same time, the exercises themselves took place at a distance of about 700 kilometers from the western borders. This could well have been Russia's response to the request of the Baltic countries for the deployment of additional NATO and US forces.

It is known that during the exercises, Russian missilemen worked out the issues of bringing combat missile systems to combat patrol routes, made a march to change field positions, and also worked out the issues of camouflaging the complexes.

The Russian military managed to successfully cope with the assigned tasks, and at the same time, as expected, demonstrate their readiness to respond quickly to any threats. Taking into account the fact that the exercises themselves took place not far from the border with Ukraine, this became a demonstration of NATO's readiness of Russia to use such unique weapons, capable of destroying military bases, airfields, strategic facilities and even entire cities with one successful strike.


It's definitely painfully soft. We relaxed, for so many years we looked from the bottom / up - and then the Wishlist appeared. They don't understand, now they waste their energy knocking on the head.

No one in the west is afraid of these missiles. If they were afraid, they would not climb. Even North Korean missiles are more afraid. I think that due to the fact that the leadership of Russia is very soft and "kind". Allows the West to spit on us, and we are their partners.

This is a must have in Belarus

The Yars regiment should be deployed in the Kaliningrad region so that NATO trembles like an aspen leaf. They think that we will stand on ceremony with them with their defiant hostility towards Russia

Near the borders of NATO, but not less than 5000 km to them)) Yars do not shoot closer ..

any program or electronic game - is tested - before it goes into production or becomes manageable and ready to use for a realistic product!!!

If we take into account that the range of Yars is up to 12 thousand km, then their exercises "near the borders of NATO" - it sounds ...

them on the show, it's pointless.



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