Launching a cruise missile


Russian air defenses have worked out the interception of the Ukrainian cruise missile "Neptune"

The Ukrainian cruise missile "Neptune" was successfully "shot down" by the newest Russian air defense system.

Recent exercises conducted by air defense units using Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile systems were mainly aimed not at repelling attacks from unmanned aerial vehicles, for which there are cheaper and no less practical air defense systems, but at practicing countering the latest Ukrainian missile systems "Neptune".

As follows from the arguments of specialists, there is no real need to use Buk-M3 medium-range air defense systems against drones, since other Russian air defense systems, including short-range ones, can easily cope with such drones. However, a far greater threat is posed by the Ukrainian missile system Neptune, whose cruise missile is said to be capable of flying at extremely low altitudes.

“According to the Ukrainian military, the Neptune missile is capable of flying at an extremely low altitude, thereby hiding from air defense systems. Nevertheless, judging by the fact that the Russian military has successfully completed the interception of air targets flying over the water surface, now we can say with confidence that there is no real threat from Ukrainian missile systems - Crimea is reliably protected from such attacks. ", - the analyst notes.