Air Defense Crimea


Russian air defense gained the right to shoot down any aircraft over Crimea without warning

Any violation of the airspace of Crimea will result in the destruction of the intruder aircraft.

Despite the fact that Ukraine allowed NATO member states to use the airspace of Crimea for their military operations, including for striking Russian territory, the Russian side warned of its readiness to attack any aircraft that violate the Russian border.

NATO is well aware that Russia will not deal with the circumstances of the violation of the country's airspace and will immediately open fire without any warning, against the background of which such "permission" from Kiev is just an attempt to push the North Atlantic Alliance against Russia.

"The best scenario for NATO will be the loss of its aircraft, but Russia may well understand the violation of its air borders as an aggression, in connection with which the Alliance can expect preventive strikes from Russia.", - emphasizes the specialist.

According to analysts, NATO is aware of what Kiev's service will result in and therefore one should not expect any serious provocations, especially since this area is one of the most protected.

There is such an understanding as a dirty Airplane, when it is shot down, it falls and explodes and sprays radioactive dust

Just talk, talk!

Quote: "Any violation of the Crimean airspace will result in the destruction of the intruder aircraft." This is for those who did not understand.

Russia does not say anything, it is a country, concrete people speak and do, they have surnames.

The lie is written, not just any plane, but only a military one.

So far, we only see how our planes and helicopters shoot down everything. who is not lazy. On our side, there is nothing but response words

Can you tell me where NATO planes flew over the Russian Federation?

Naturally, they will warn that there are special voice commands for ground air traffic control systems, there is also air defense aviation that will intercept the intruder.
It should be read - "they will not persuade."

There were no cases do not believe.

And what, for a cheap drone they will bang from 400. ??

And where do they fly?))) Even became interesting)

I don’t believe that they will shoot something down without warning! Bluff! Look back to the West.

Sorry, you're right!

Guys. You're just crazy. This is the territory of the Russian Federation. Any penetration will cause a response, and perhaps a more extensive use of the RF Armed Forces.

I no longer believe in the words of Russia! Disappointed. Only words and business is not to be seen. As the NATO members flew, they will continue to fly. How many times have you been able to show Russia your "I". It's all just persuasion and talk.

The mood for the five from such news.

Finally, Lord - glory to you !!! And 7 years have not passed - they realized !!!

Why is the author of the article cheating people? we are talking about the fact that any military aircraft will be shot down !!!! a completely different meaning.

Few of them are Korean Boeing and American U2 (Francis Gary Powers). The cat scratches on its back.

In Argentina, trial begins in the case of 400 kg of cocaine at the Russian embassy
Two people, Chikalo and Kovalchuk, are involved in the case in Argentina — both did not admit their guilt — four were detained in Russia.

It's not even about the war, but about the bubble, the real estate, the Kremlin children in London and other Americas. Yachts, Dubai, Bali and other wonders of this world.

Apparently to the one who tries to fly there. Well, let them arrange a march on Red Square, and people like you will say, well, why punish them, who needs World War III ...

How did you fly? Were there any cases of flying into the airspace in the Crimea region?
Someone would like, but this was not.

What are you hanging? Nobody flies over Crimea!

And it will not be. Learn history. VVP does everything right and all hotheads know that if necessary, Russia will be so busy that there will be no need to use a nuclear bomb

Let's see ... Said the blind man.

Yes, as they flew and will fly. Bypassing the Crimea by the side, without entering the airspace of the Russian Federation. There are no fools.

What problems - as always, some civilian board will be substituted - and it's in the bag.

No one will ever hit anyone ...

They will track it down and the rab will do its job. And all the problems will be silent. Who heard that NATO would shout that they are interfered with by Russian electronic warfare.

Where did they fly and where they will be?

And what, anyone who wants to fly over another territory of Russia?

That's right Nikita, NO ONE needs war. But to allow the violation of the border is to bring it closer, it is unacceptable, since it has a very large list of side effects of negative topics up to the loss of the integrity of the state and its authority in the World. It is like a sentry who is "inviolable" and is obliged to defend the post and does not face responsibility for actions under the charter.

In the theme I remembered the hit yard song with the guitar of the 70s "16 Tons" :) This is approximately how it will be.

- "... We are sitting in a bar at a late hour
And suddenly an order flies from the chief:

"Fly, boys, east ...
... We fly over the sea - beauty,

But the air defense spotted us,

Ships are shooting at us:

One shell hit the window
The radio operator just carried away
The second shell hit the side
and the co-pilot bent down,
The third shell hit the toilet
There were two, now they are gone ... "

Who flew over the Crimea? NATO aircraft?

As they flew so they will

Yes, no one will hit anyone, you will see who needs a third world war?



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