Rocket shot down


For the first time, Russian air defenses shoot down a high-precision American "stealth" bomb GBU-39 SDB over Syria

A GBU-39 SDB high-precision gliding "stealth" bomb has been destroyed over Syria.

During Israel's night attack on the Syrian province of Hama on the night of January 22, Russian air defense systems, and the fire was carried out from the territory of the province of Tartus, where the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems and the Tor air defense missile system are deployed, managed to shoot down a high-precision American planning bomb for the first time GBU-39 SDB. The wreckage found suggests that the ammunition dropped by the Israeli military was intercepted without reaching its target.

In the presented photo you can see the wreckage of the wing of the planning GBU-39 SDB bomb, and, apparently, it was possible to intercept the bomb for the first time - judging by the fragments of the Pantsir-S missile defense system found in this area, it was made by the Russian air defense missile system, but the question is in who exactly attacked the Israeli targets - Russia or Syria.

To date, the Syrian air defense systems are actively fighting only against missiles and air bombs fired through the country, without attacking Israeli combat aircraft, since the latter are outside Syrian airspace.

Why? Physics, you know, the impact of multidirectional forces ... Well, it's probably too early for you ... Never mind, you grow up, go to school, there will be Physics and many other interesting sciences ...

Why are both wing elements of the "shot down" bombs curved? In the original, they are generally straight.