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Russian radars will be able to cover Iran in the event of an Israeli attack

Russian air defense systems will insure Iran in the event of an attack by Israel.

Thanks to Russian over-the-horizon radars, as well as air defense systems deployed in Syria, an Israeli attack on Iran will not only become ineffective, but will most likely lead to very heavy losses for the Israeli Air Force.

Previously, Russian air defense systems have already provided assistance to the Iranian military during the near-beginning conflict between Washington and Tehran. In particular, it was reported that Russian radars detected the approach of American aircraft to the borders of Iran. This allows us to assert that thanks to friendly relations, Russia will be ready to cover Iran from the threat of an attack on the Islamic Republic.

Experts note that today Israel does not want to allow a conflict with Russia, obviously knowing full well that the union of Russia and Iran in the Middle East is quite a serious power. The same circumstance may also explain why Israel has seriously reduced its aggression against Syria and pro-Iranian groups in the Arab Republic, although it has not abandoned its aggressive actions.

A little earlier, there was information that in the near future Iran may receive Su-35 fighters, but the Russian side has not yet reported on the supply of fighters to the Iranian Air Force.