Russian missile frigates are preparing to intercept an American carrier strike group at Russian bases in Syria

Russia was going to meet the American aircraft carrier and strike group with its Caliber.

A few hours ago, it became known that in connection with the appearance of American warships in the Mediterranean Sea, including the Harry Truman aircraft carrier, which leads the aircraft carrier strike group, Russian warships intend to conduct a series of missile firing and special operations throughout eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and at military bases in Syria.

“On April 07, 09, 10, 17, 21, 23 and 30, 2020, the forces of the Mediterranean Navy Group plan to carry out intensive combat training activities with practical missile and artillery firing in designated areas of the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The increased activity of the forces of the Russian Navy and the relative remoteness of their operations from the Syrian Tartus is connected, inter alia, with the presence of USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier-multipurpose group ships in those parts ”- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

Experts believe that by such a move the Russian fleet intends to demonstrate to the United States not only control over this region, but also its willingness to oppose the United States in the event of such a need.

“Russian frigates, armed with Caliber cruise missiles, are an excellent demonstration of the power of the Russian fleet. American AUGs can no longer enter the Mediterranean Sea without having sent their planes for preliminary reconnaissance, and this, obviously, indicates a complete lack of control over the situation. ”, - the expert marks.


I think that along with frigates coast defense plus VKS will work. Not all strategists like you.

All right.
You can only add that the calibers will fly from the Caspian ...

Kostya, I'm sorry that I’m climbing you in front of the hell, but military affairs, obviously not your thing)

Something they can ... they can drown. When two or three dozen supersonic anti-ship missiles were pulled into the enemy, you can safely drown yourself, because the aircraft carrier will also go to feed the fish, with its air defense ... The exchange is quite normal.
And Tomahawks should not be taken into account, their anti-ship version has long been decommissioned. Aircraft RCC - yes, the Yankees have it. But only that.

24 gauge will send to the bottom of this large bucket. And what they will do with subsonic Tomahawks-only Papuans hollow. And if two frigates die, but are dragged away by an aircraft carrier, this is a victory.

You forgot about the Caspian flotilla and forgot that half of the tamagafks did not fly at one time.

I completely agree! There is just an addition: the American AUG will not live much longer, since there are coastal defeat complexes in that part of the world. I’m not talking about our possible nuclear response ....

let’s wake up realists, and don’t wake up people laughing. What can our frigates with 24 * Caliber * against the AUG which has hundreds * Tomahawks * and more than 50 aircraft on board? Our squadron live at best five minutes