Iskander wreck


Russian Iskander-M missiles, which were shot down by Azerbaijan's air defense, suddenly disappeared

Azerbaijan, which announced the downed Russian Iskander-M missiles, unexpectedly lost them.

Until recently, Ilham Aliyev, who accused Russia of striking at the territory of Azerbaijan, who threatened to demonstrate the destroyed tactical missiles of the Iskander-M OTRK, did not provide any evidence of the use of these complexes in the war in Karabakh. According to Aliyev, Baku had all the evidence of the use of these weapons against the Azerbaijani military, despite the fact that these complexes were never in service with Armenia, however, quite unexpectedly, the downed Russian missiles disappeared - Aliyev's words turned out to be just a bluff.

“Where did the Armenian army get the Iskander missiles? These missiles were not supposed to be. This is clear evidence. Proof of a war crime in Armenia, and we want an answer to how this lethal weapon fell into the hands of Armenia. We have not been able to get an answer yet, but we will get it., - Aliyev said earlier, meaning Iskander-M complexes by Iskander.

Armenia is indeed armed with Iskander-M missile systems and this was not something secret at all, and the wreckage found in Karabakh, which the local media claim to be Iskander-M missile debris, belongs to the basic version of the tactical missile system and have nothing to do with Aliyev's harsh statements.

“It can be assumed that Aliyev tried to restrain Russia, but when it came to the demonstration of“ shot down Russian missiles, ”they suddenly disappeared, by the way, just like Aliyev's evidence. If Azerbaijan really shot down Iskander-M, it would certainly have been demonstrated, at least by Turkey and Israel, who are interested in promoting their weapons. "- said analyst

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