Russian Caliber missiles will reach Tallinn and Helsinki in 10 minutes if the Gulf of Finland is blocked

Russian cruise missiles "Kalibr" will reach Tallinn and Helsinki in just 10 minutes.

In the event that Finland and Estonia try to block the entrance to the Gulf of Finland and block the access of Russian ships to the Baltic Sea, Russia may regard such steps as aggressive and take appropriate measures. As it turns out, from Russian territorial waters, Kalibr cruise missiles can reach Helsinki and Tallinn in just 10 minutes, which should be a convincing argument for these two countries, which are seriously trying to limit Russia's actions in the region.

It is known that at the moment Finland and Estonia are negotiating the creation of a common system of defense and control of the waters of the Gulf of Finland, which implies the integration of air defense, missile defense and coastal defense systems, with the aim, allegedly, of gaining control over the waters and airspace of this region . However, the illegal actions of Finland and Estonia may lead Russia to perceive such a position as aggression with appropriate measures to counter it.

Experts note that within the framework of the NWO, the Russian Caliber cruise missiles have successfully proven themselves, however, if, as part of the NWO, missiles fly over great distances, then from Russian waters the latter will be able to reach the capitals of two European states in just 10 minutes from the moment its launch. This should be convincing evidence that the adoption of any restrictive measures against Russia in the region can result in extremely big problems.


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