Russian EW "kill" Turkish drones over Syria. Video

Russian electronic warfare systems drive Turkish drones over Syria crazy.

Amid the escalation of the situation around the offensive operation of the Syrian government forces on Khan Sheikhun, Turkey began to actively use unmanned aerial vehicles. Nevertheless, the electronic warfare systems deployed by Russia literally drive Turkish drones crazy, killing their electronic stuffing.

As follows from the data from open sources, Turkish drones fly in heavily disturbed GPS operations, and only in areas where the Syrian army is currently conducting an offensive operation. In fact, according to experts, due to the disrupted GPS, Turkish unmanned lateral vehicles cannot normally navigate the terrain, and therefore, their effectiveness is practically minimized.

“Due to the effects of electronic warfare, Turkish drones are simply disoriented in space. The electronic filling that controls the drone’s flight is actually killed by a powerful electronic signal. ”, - the expert marks.

The very presence of Turkish drones in the airspace above Idlib is evidence that Turkey is coordinating the actions of the terrorists who launched several counterattacks against the Syrian military.

It should be clarified that Russian electronic warfare systems are located only 50-70 kilometers from the flight zone of Turkish drones.

Complete incompetence
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