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Russian electronic warfare destroyed hundreds of Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost drones

American drones Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost were defeated in Ukraine by Russian electronic warfare systems.

Hundreds of American Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost drones were destroyed during their use by Russian electronic warfare systems. As it turned out, such weapons became completely ineffective due to the work of electronic countermeasures, which simply forced kamikaze drones to fall without reaching their goals. This is reported by the Bloomberg news agency.

“Russia learned lessons from the use of drones in the first months of the NWO. Experts told Insider that drones are becoming increasingly ineffective because Russia has improved its defense systems and is shooting down and jamming many Ukrainian drones. “What is happening now is that Russian electronic warfare and air defense capabilities are better organized and deployed compared to previous months,” said Samuel Bendett, an analyst and expert on unmanned and robotic military systems, at the Center for Naval Analysis. Russian forces are using early warning radars to detect drones and electronic warfare systems to jam and disrupt their communications, Bendett said. They also use various weapons, such as anti-aircraft guns and air defense systems, such as the Tor missile system, to shoot down drones.- reports "Bussines Insider".

The unprecedented losses of American and Turkish drones are strong evidence of this - UAVs practically cannot be used, as a result of which there is no information from the United States about the success of the use of these weapons.

“Probably, the Russian military took some time to adjust to the opposition to American drones. To date, these drones are practically not used by the Ukrainian military, since the losses of the latter are in the hundreds.”, - the expert marks.