Russian radar "Sunflower" capable of detecting F-35 fighters may appear around the world

Several countries have become interested in the acquisition of the Russian Podsolnukh radar station at once.

Several foreign countries have shown genuine interest in Russia's latest Sunflower radar, capable of detecting stealth fighters such as the F-35 and F-22. Against this background, negotiations began that will allow other countries of the world to adopt unique radar equipment. These means can detect modern fifth generation fighters and low-flying targets.

Information on this matter was provided by the Telegram-community of the Military Boltovoy.

“Interesting interview of the chief designer of the theme" Sunflower "M.K. Skolotnev. on foreign orders, in particular - on the topic of the over-the-horizon radar complex "Laguna-I". An island state with access to the Pacific and Indian oceans became interested in the product. The country is interested in a Russian radar station to solve the problems of preventing smuggling and transportation of drugs through the straits ", - said in the published material.

Today it is really known that the Russian Podsolnukh radars can detect stealth aircraft, and taking into account the integration of these radars with other air defense / missile defense systems, this provides a unique advantage for combating stealth aircraft.

What is a "foreign state"?



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