Anti-aircraft missile launch


Russian C-300 and C-400 destroy more than 20 air targets

The Russian C-300 “Favorit” and “C-400“ Triumph ”ADMS shot down more than 20 air targets.

This morning at the disposal of the resource were unique shots, demonstrating anti-aircraft missile systems C-300 "Favorite" and C-400 "Triumph" in action. On the presented video you can see how air defense systems launch missiles at aerial targets, successfully hitting them.

According to available information, we are talking about special combat training launches, during which the Russian air defense systems were required to hit air targets that simulate an enemy. In total, within the framework of anti-aircraft missile launches, it was possible to hit more than 20 aircraft, which demonstrate the highest efficiency of the Russian newest S-400 Triumph air defense systems.

It is reported that the unique video frames were shot at the Ashuluk training ground, where Russian rocket engineers proved that, thanks to the unique capabilities of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, any external threat, regardless of whether it concerns unmanned aircraft, fighter and bombing aircraft, or ballistic missiles will be eliminated.

According to reports, in the framework of a large-scale exercise, the highest efficiency of the use of modern air defense systems was proved, and last week it became known that Russia put 24 Syria’s S-300 mobile launchers into service with Syria "Favorite"

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