C-400 SAM


The Russian C-300, C-400 and C-350 turned out to be dependent on Belarus

Russian air defense systems turned out to be dependent on Belarus.

Despite the fact that modern Russian anti-aircraft missile systems and systems are being transferred to the use of Russian-made tractors, in particular, we are talking about BAZ-64022 and BAZ-69092 tractors, instead of using Belarusian tractors made by MAZ and MZKT, it became known that that Russian military products turned out to be dependent on Belarus.

A source who wished to remain anonymous reports that deliveries of tractors from Belarusian enterprises have recently declined significantly, however, at the same time, some elements for tractors produced by the Bryansk Automobile Plant are still being supplied from Belarus.

“At the moment, we do not have the opportunity to replace the same spars, and therefore, products manufactured by MAZ and MZKT remain extremely popular for us”- said the source.

Among other things, earlier there was information that the Russian military intends to abandon the purchase of Belarusian tractors for strategic missile systems, however, the tests showed that the development of KAMAZ cannot satisfy the needs - during the tests, the tractor simply broke down.