Russian C-400s proved useless even against Israeli F-16s. Video

Russian S-400s in Syria were completely useless even against F-16s.

Despite the deployment of Russian air defense / missile defense systems in Syria, it became known that powerful radars, the capabilities of which are integrated with the Syrian S-300 air defense systems, showed complete inefficiency against even F-16 fighters, which launched a series of missile attacks on the night the Syrian capital, without actually even noticing them.

According to some reports, Israeli fighters launched strikes from neighboring Lebanon, which is less than 240 kilometers from the positioning area of ​​the Russian S-400 and less than 210 kilometers from the location of the Syrian S-300.

Given the fact that Israeli military aircraft launched several series of air strikes, the air defense / missile defense calculations could not be aware of the aggressive intentions of the F-16 fighters in Lebanese airspace, and therefore, experts had many questions about these air defense systems.



It is noteworthy that a number of sources reported that Syria’s C-300 were used to repel the attacks of Israeli fighters, but experts call such arguments erroneous.

“The favorites are suitable for combating military aircraft, but not missiles, especially since Israel used Delilah missiles inconspicuous for radars.”- notes the specialist.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the Israeli night attack.

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