Russian S-400 intercepted Ukrainian Neptune cruise missiles

While Ukraine was experiencing the “destroyers of the Crimean bridge,” Russian anti-aircraft gunners intercepted Ukrainian missiles one by one.

Several tests of the Ukrainian R-360 Neptune cruise missiles, conducted since the beginning of this year, were by no means missed by the Russian military. Due to the fact that missile launches were carried out within the radius of detection and destruction of S-400 complexes located on the territory of Crimea, experts believe that the Russian defense department did not refuse a unique opportunity to shoot down Ukrainian cruise missiles.

Experts believe that the idea of ​​the Ukrainian military to launch provocative rocket firing near the Crimea has become very bad for Kiev itself. The Russian military was not only able to successfully work out the detection of cruise missile launches, but in practically real conditions they captured them and destroyed them with electronic launches. Moreover, electronic intelligence stations were also deployed on the territory of Crimea, in connection with which, the operation of Ukrainian systems was carefully monitored, which excludes the likelihood that, if necessary, the Russian military will eliminate the threat without even resorting to air defense systems.

Among other things, analysts also draw attention to the fact that since the Ukrainian R-360 Neptune cruise anti-ship missile was developed on the basis of the Soviet cruise missile, there should not be any problems with intercepting such a target at all.

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Among other things, analysts pay attention to the fact

The carapace also electronically intercepted everything. And as it came down to it, they chased them like chickens in Syria ... One would have at least slapped a rocket electronically - there would have been a precedent! And then the killers of the Crimean bridge made, you see! This is actually terrorism at the state level, and it must be stopped harshly and without regard to the rest, as, for example, Israel does. Then the vyakalschikov will decrease ...

The key phrase "Experts believe" is someone somewhere

Well, as I understand it, in Ukraine they also write that electronically all missiles have left the S-400.

You do not confuse the export version of the S-400 and which are with us!

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