C-400 SAM


Russian C-400 fell under US sanctions

American sanctions began to hit the Russian C-400.

The United States announced the imposition of sanctions against the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system. According to the data presented, the first country to fall under US sanctions will be Turkey, while the purchase of Russian weapons may further affect other potential buyers of Russian air defense and missile defense systems, including India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and etc.

“We are considering this. I will not comment on any specific solutions, but we are studying this. ”- said US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, speaking about the imposition of sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of C-400.

How likely it is to impose sanctions on the purchase of Russian C-400 is not known, but experts have expressed concern that this could seriously affect the export of Russian weapons.

“Washington realizes that as soon as sanctions are imposed on Turkey, Ankara will immediately expel the United States from the country, closing both its ports and military bases. Nevertheless, such a step Washington can disrupt a number of Russian deals, demonstrating that the ban on the purchase of Russian weapons applies even to US allies ", - the expert marks.

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