An aircraft-124


Russian C-400 arrived in Turkey

The Russian An-124 with C-400 systems sat in Turkey.

This morning it became known that the An-124 military transport aircraft, on which the Triumph C-400 complexes were loaded, finally flew from Russia to Turkey.

According to published media, Russia has fulfilled part of its obligations to Turkey at the rates of C-400 air defense systems to this country, and, over the course of the next week, these funds can be taken up for combat duty, as it is estimated, approximately 40 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border , as previously reported by high-ranking Turkish sources.

The exact amount of the transaction concluded between Russia and Turkey remains unknown, however, part of the payment of the Russian air defense systems will be made at the expense of the loan allocated by Russia.

At the moment, no reaction from the United States followed to this effect, however, experts believe that Washington will not rush to impose sanctions on Turkish military enterprises, since in this case relations between the United States and Turkey may seriously deteriorate.

Whether long-range rockets have been delivered to Turkey, with a radius of destruction of 400 kilometers, is still unknown, however, according to some information, this is supposed to be done only in the future.