Complex C-400


Russian C-400 in Syria were not ready for combat use

The Russian C-400 in Syria were not ready to repel air strikes.

According to the information provided by General Kenneth Mackenzie, the Triumph C-400 C-XNUMX deployed on the territory of the Russian military airbase Khmeimim are not on alert. In fact, Russia deployed these complexes, but they were not put on alert, which means that in the event of any significant risks, Russia would not be able to use these systems to repel missile strikes and defeat enemy air targets.

According to Al Masdar News, which appeared in the Lebanese edition, Russia activated only the operation of radar facilities, which makes it possible to detect enemy aircraft and long-range missiles, but the C-300 complexes could take a key role in repelling potential air attacks.

How exactly this information is true, and why Russia delivered its air defense and missile defense systems to Syria, but did not take them on combat duty, so far remains unknown, but the analyst suggested that the main reason for all is compliance with security protocols.

“Having studied the possibilities of the Russian C-400, the United States and Israel can definitely work out a set of measures to counter them. Nevertheless, given the fact that the Russian Triumphs are already in their combat positions, it will take no more than two minutes to bring them to full combat readiness, after which they can immediately hit targets. ”- said analyst

In Israel you can see for what purpose, or are you blind? There are no Jewish airplanes over the Syrian Nkbos.

I would like to offer the authors of this nonsense to rent a plane and fly in the direction of Hmeimim. And then we'll talk !!! God rest your souls!

such rubber products as you do not inflate and stretch.

They are not ready because they are not there. They are rubber, inflated. Like all the inflated weapons of our Rashi!

There are no officers needed - neither drunk nor sober, the system is cocked and charged - and its translation into 1 readiness and the actual launches - takes place entirely in automation, according to the rules that have been previously entered. This system is different from any foreign counterparts, where operators are needed. In our system, at the indicated stage, an officer-officer is not needed at all;

This article displays a complete nonsense. Who is not in the subject please do not make panic conclusions. The transfer of С-400 SAMs from readiness №2 to readiness №1 is one of the main combat parameters. No other complex in the world is comparable in this parameter with the С-400 air defense system.

Hold us for fools. The operator is in place 25 hours. Let them only rock and life will be lived by them in vain.

Vasek, for 10 seconds drunken officers won't even have time to get up from the bed, let alone get orders, get to the command post, turn the missiles into combat readiness and start working. Correctly they said - you need 10-15 minutes - this is the minimum, provided that the officers are already in the command station

It’s written on Wikipedia that in 10 seconds it can be alerted, so there’s nothing to write about!

minutes for 10-15 deployed - no less. During this time, Hammer will only have a flat field. For me personally, a mystery for what purpose they were taken there at all? Boast of??? To whom ???