Russian S-400s repulsed a massive missile strike for the first time

S-400 for the first time repulsed a massive attack of high-speed highly maneuverable missiles

The Russian anti-aircraft complex is increasing its combat power more and more, and recently, anti-aircraft gunners were trained at the Kapustin Yar training ground near Astrakhan.

Representatives of the press service of the military district noted that the combat crews of the Russian Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, within the framework of special maneuvers, successfully eliminated eight low-flying high-speed highly maneuverable target missiles “Kaban”, “Bekas” and “Armavir”. In addition, the Russian military worked out measures to counter the conditional enemy groups, worked out the coherence of actions in different parts of the terrain, etc.

Russian SAM S-400 "Triumph" is a long-range anti-aircraft missile system, which was adopted 14 years ago. These complexes are designed to eliminate all existing, including those that have just appeared in the armament of other countries, means of air and space attack (including targets capable of developing hypersonic speed). Some elements of the Russian Triumph long-range anti-aircraft missile systems include means of dealing with specialized targets, such as stealth aircraft or low-flying targets that can bend around the terrain depending on the existing terrain.

Thus, the Russian "Triumphs" have demonstrated their unique capabilities and received good results in combat exercises. In addition, by this, Russia has shown the country's excellent armed potential.


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Was it adopted 14 years ago or 2 2014?

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It's funny. What kind of "attack". These are just teachings. In combat conditions, the complex has never been used.

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That's when the real targets, which, for example, attack from the territory of Israel, are shot down, then we'll talk

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