Russian C-400 first intercepted an Israeli ballistic missile. Video

The Russian Triumphs for the first time “intercepted” a foreign ballistic missile.

An Israeli ballistic missile launched from the Mediterranean coast was the first foreign ballistic target “intercepted” by the Russian Triumph S-400 air defense systems. The launch of the Jericho missile turned out to be completely disastrous for Israel, because, located only 370 and 400 kilometers, the Russian S-400 Triumph SAMs successfully captured the missile as a target, escorted and "intercepted".

According to data provided by official sources, the Israeli Jericho ballistic missile, capable of carrying nuclear warheads as a warhead, was launched from the area of ​​the Palmahim air base, which is located in the radius of destruction of Russian anti-aircraft and missile defense systems. Given the fact that Israel informed Russia of the launch, the Russian missiles successfully worked out electronic missile launches.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that, most likely, the Israeli ballistic missile was also intercepted by the Russian Container radar, which was recently put on combat duty, and therefore, Russia was able to not only work out the interception of foreign ballistic missiles , but also got the opportunity to get the maximum information about the operation of their air defense and missile defense systems, which, by the way, appears for the first time.

"..Russian missiles successfully fulfilled electronic launches of anti-missile defense."
Russian football players also successfully won the World Cup.
Also "electronically" on the computer.

I absolutely agree with you - window dressing. It is not clear: who, whom and what shows?

Alex, no one anti-aircraft gunners, nothing, no one provides, the radar classifies and identifies the missile, and the C-400 missile does its job after launch

again virtual reality was "escorted" with little blood and passed on someone else’s territory

I knew that there was censorship. instead of a comment, only an inscription comes out, the comment went to administrators for verification, a madhouse. Why then is this button to add a comment?

I don’t know who is there and what is intercepted only to the text of this video is such a text. (In Israel, the IDF tested a rocket propulsion system from the Palmahim air base south of Tel Aviv this morning on December 6 2019. The test was pre-planned and carried out according to plan. So for imagination it’s not an edge.

And filmed on a cell phone? shooting speed + where the rocket flies and where it is intercepted! The military specifically filmed for YouTube! Here are the technologies!

Or I do not read correctly, or people do not read. We are not even talking about real interception, an electronic interception was made, that is, an imitation, read the article, there the word interception is in quotation marks. In this case, the insult is not for the article, which with its headline showed how people can be manipulated and how the layman blindly believes the yellow press.

Yes! On bent like the nose of an F-16 fighter.

Do you know how it was or is it your inflamed fantasies, I think simple malice

Russian rocket launchers have successfully completed electronic missile launches. REAL START WAS NOT

What are you happy about the fool? Interception or insulting for the Jews?

Teach physics, EGEshnik !!!

You still say that the Jews previously provided our anti-aircraft gunners with a missile that they intend to launch.

Made laugh! After notifying the Russian VKS, the Russians learned that a rocket would fly, while having received all the data about the rocket, what kind of rocket it was flying to, at what speed and .... Hurray! The first Russians intercepted a rocket! This exercise took place! :)

So them so !!! On a hill !!!