Russian aircraft with French engines


Russian aircraft with French engines

13 fevralya.Zam. Director General of the French company Turbomeca, Jean-Pierre Kyuzhon spoke about interaction of Russian producers of helicopters and the French company, which is engaged in production and development of helicopter engines. At the moment, the Russians and the French are working on a joint project. According to the statements of the leaders of these companies, in the model of the Ka-62 will be put into operation soon and Ka-226T complete with engines produced by the French company.

 It is worth noting that at the moment, on the territory of Russia, the French produce only a few central units of engines for helicopters. However, after a rather short period of time, these engines will be produced on the territory of Russia completely.

 It is worth noting that this symbiosis of manufacturers was made possible through joint work on the creation of the aircraft. SuperJet-100. In addition, the French manufacturers believe that the joint venture, it is quite common. It's no secret that there is a wide variety of common projects. For example, some of the parts made by Airbus aircraft in the USA. And most of the parts for the Boeing produced in Irkutsk.

 It is worth paying attention to the fact that several contracts have now been signed for the supply of helicopters to Asian countries. Currently in the Asia-Pacific region, more than one hundred and fifty helicopters are operating in the Russian Federation.

 Thus, it is worth saying that Russian manufacturers are striving to create their famous Ka and Mi series aircraft on their territory. This applies to the production of all parts of assemblies on the territory of our country, including engines developed by the French. 



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