Aircraft arrest


Russian aircraft An-124 will be arrested in 40 countries of the world

Russian planes will begin to arrest in 40 countries of the world.

Ukraine sent the decision of the Podolsky court of Kiev to arrest the An-124 Ruslan transport aircraft in 40 of various countries of the world, which means that the aviation authorities of any state from this list can arrest Russian transport workers.

The reason for the verdict was the accusations from the Antonov company, according to which constructive changes were made to the design of the An-124 transport aircraft without the consent of the direct developer.

“Any third parties - airports and aviation authorities - are prohibited from performing any actions aimed at landing / taking off (receiving / departing) of these vessels”, - said the representatives of the company "Antonov".

Remarkable is the fact that ICAO has not yet responded to court demands, and therefore the question of the legality of the arrest of the Russian An-124 transport aircraft is still open.

It should be clarified that no country has yet responded to the demands of Ukraine, but the threat of arrest of Russian transport aircraft remains real.

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During the creation of the Academy of Sciences 124 OKB im. Antonov belonged to the Union Ministry, and mass production was conducted on the UAPK (RSFSR) and KiAPO (Ukrainian SSR) and only until the collapse of the USSR. Components were made at many enterprises. Does the Ukrainian company Antonov have the right to consider himself a developer and manufacturer, especially given the fact that she has not produced a single Ruslana?