Russian planes stop taking off from Khmeimim airbase after bombings

Russian military aircraft reduced takeoffs from the Khmeimim air base to a minimum.

After the appearance of the fact that several explosions of an unknown nature occurred in the area of ​​the Russian military base Khmeimim, the monitoring resource Sentry Syria recorded only a few takeoffs and landings at the Russian military air base Khmeimim. Data on this is also confirmed by local residents, who note that despite the powerful offensive of the Syrian army, Russian military aviation practically does not provide support for the SAA.

According to the data "Sentry syria", One of the last flights from the Russian military air base" Khmeimim "was recorded in 16 hours 01 minutealthough the sources note that Russian military aircraft still takes off, it’s obvious from the T4 airbase, the military airport in Hama and the airbase in the city of Kamyshly.

It should be clarified that the lack of support from the Russian Air Force took advantage of the militants, who managed to take control of at least 14 settlements and begin a large-scale military operation aimed at storming Aleppo.

It should be clarified that the information about the explosions that thundered in the area of ​​the Russian military base “Khmeimim” is very contradictory - according to one, they are the result of an attack by terrorists, while according to others - the work of Russian air defense systems. However, at the moment, the Russian side does not comment on these data, however, the number of combat missions of the Russian Air Force has been reduced just after this mysterious episode.

Peaceful people are sitting at home, and not terrorists are supported in Idlib,

You are an optimist, become a realist


Many Turks are dissatisfied with Erdogan and his military policy, to fight against them? No, this is wrong. Peaceful people do not want war!

I am not surprised at this assessment from the Dutch site. What the Americans will order, they will write. Have you seen anything positive about our aviation on this site? Me not. If there were explosions, then the most natural reaction is to suspend flights for several hours in order to understand and take action.

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The Turkish army is the strongest in that region. Assad does not have his own army. The Turks will easily take control of Syria if they wish.

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Imported with these terrorists. We expected that the Americans on the aircraft carrier were already pulling up.

Nobody will fight for the interests of Gazprom - the wallet and a separate Pension Fund for members of the Government of the Russian Federation, senators and deputies of both houses of Parliament ... And if you try to force, you can imagine what kind of army it will be ....

14 missiles launched from Russian frigates on targets in Idlib

In one direction, the Syrian troops are in a big plus: they recaptured the valley. In another direction, they lost a big city and a piece of M4 highway, but strategically Syria is now in the black for now.

Maybe you're right.

Perhaps the Americans threatened sanctions to our pilots, or rather to the generals

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Yes, 85% of the territory of the SAR was freed. Therefore, there was no sense in keeping a lot of aviation and troops there. And the Syrian army is not the same as a few years ago. With many they cope themselves. Erdogan began to play, actually started a war against Syria. All experts and political scientists say that he does it in vain, it will end badly for him.

Russians iron points with ship gauges

actually Turkey considers itself a secular state

Well, firstly, no one was planning to leave the air base in Khmeimim and the base in Tartus, Russia came there to prevent the revival of the Caliphate for a long time, that we will not answer, we will be consistent first with words to persuade Erdogan if it doesn’t help, press economically well, if he flies from coils, “calibers” will fly for good reason 10 ships and two submarines with “calibers” entered the Mediterranean Sea. and the fact that they withdrew from Syria is the armed forces that were redundant to maintain the life support of the base.

Turkey thinks it can rule Muslims around the world? The Caliphate decided to return to themselves ??? :)) Who, if not Muslims, were the first to fight against the Ottomans ?? Egypt, Iraq, and other Arabs were happy that they got rid of the Turkish yoke and the Sultan. This is the adviser to the President of Turkey, or Fantazer divorced from reality.

"a powerful offensive by the Syrian army"
on the one hand, and
"start a large-scale military operation aimed at assaulting Aleppo"
with another. So who defends who wins, who is cornered, who surrenders - neither of which is clear from the note.
And what about this statement
“The Syrian operation has been completed. Russian troops are returning home with victory. Only those who provide the operation of our bases, Khmeimim and Tartus, remain in Syria. The Syrian operation is the most successful operation of our country in recent decades. An order to withdraw the Russian group of troops to permanent deployment centers "Vladimir Putin gave away at the Russian air base Khmeimim in Syria on December 11."

Who was ordered to you? Or did you transmit? You are probably a transmitter :)))))

The media do not know what this event is. But it is.

Where is the commander in chief in Ankara, Washington or Moscow? What impudence?

Americans ordered not to take off Since then, and do not take off