Hitting VKS Syria


Russian planes bombed the positions of the Turks after Ankara's announcement of a military operation in Syria

In response to Turkey's statement about the start of a large-scale military operation in Syria, the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed areas with Turkish troops.

The provocative statement of the Turkish leader about the start of an unprecedented military operation in Syria did not go unanswered by Russia. So, according to Syrian sources, this night and in the morning, Russian military aircraft unleashed multiple strikes on the positions of Turkish militants and areas with Turkish troops in the Afrin suburb.

These areas of Syria are usually not bombed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, since they are located at some distance from the frontal sectors, as a result of which the likelihood of an unexpected attack on the SAA positions and a breakthrough into areas controlled by the Syrian troops is excluded.



Powerful air strikes on Turkish militant positions and areas controlled by the Turkish army coincided with Turkish President Recep Erdogan's statement of intentions to conduct an unprecedented military operation in Syria, during which, as expected, the Turkish army can occupy the entire northern part of Syria and enter the territory of Idlib in order to prevent the liberation of this region by the Syrian army and block the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

“In his speech, President Erdogan made important messages on Syria. Stating that the latest attack, which killed two police officers in the area of ​​Operation Euphrates Shield and attacked Turkish territory, the president said: “We have no patience with certain places in Syria that are the source of terrorist attacks against our country. We are determined to eliminate threats from these areas, either together with the forces operating there or by our own means. The last attack on our policemen and the attack on our territory crossed the red line. We will take the necessary steps to address these issues as soon as possible. "", - reports the Turkish TV channel" NTV ".

Experts believe that because of the actions of Ankara, the Russian side will begin to oppose Turkey even more in the northern and northwestern parts of Syria.

This is a cover for the operation in Idlib.

Erdogan loves to show off! After 10 years ago, Israel attacked an international humanitarian ship with food for S. Gaza and killed 11 Turkish military personnel accompanying the ship, Erdogan promised BRUTAL revenge on Israel. However, he cowardly fell silent. He also threatened Israel menacingly when in the Arab part of Jerusalem, Israeli police, special forces, staged a real massacre, beating up the Arabs. So, the formidable face and formidable promises of Erdogan, his arrogance, bring serious damage to Turkey.

If a friend suddenly turns out to be, and not a friend, but an enemy ... The Kremlin needs to be more careful in choosing its friends. Or to act harder.

So Erdogan actually stated that he wants to seize the territory of Syria. And this is already a declaration of war on a neighboring state. Accordingly, the Turks become enemies and they will be destroyed by any means. And NATO will not get into it.

Erdogan lured the coast

not yet evening .........



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