Russian air defense systems and electronic warfare systems shot down enemy drones over Crimea

A flock of drones was shot down over Crimea.

This morning, the Russian military discovered enemy drones in three areas of Crimean airspace. After it was established that the drones did not belong to the Russian military, it was decided to use fire and non-fire weapons against them.

According to Sergei Aksyonov, electronic suppression systems and air defense systems were used to destroy unmanned aerial vehicles. The drones were successfully destroyed, while any damage and casualties were avoided.

On the presented video frames, you can see the flight of one of the unmanned aerial vehicles over the Crimean peninsula. Judging by the video footage, the drones were flying at low altitude, thereby trying to avoid detection. However, enemy drones were successfully detected, after which, some of the drones were successfully suppressed by electronic warfare, and some were shot down by air defense systems.

To date, this is the first use of a swarm of drones over Crimea, indicating ongoing attempts to attack the infrastructure of the peninsula.