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Russian air defense systems "failed to notice" American fighters?

The US Air Force deceived Russian air defense systems in Syria.

Despite the fact that the airspace of that part of the territory of Syria, which is under the control of the government forces of the Arab Republic, is closed to flights, today it became known that American fighters and bombers were able to bypass Russian and Syrian air defense systems and attack the suburb of Palmyra.

Often, the US Air Force attacks on the border and border areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, but flights over the central part of Syria and the bombing of the missile, was a complete surprise for the Syrian and Russian military.

Against the background of the news, forums and social networks, they began to mock the inaction of Russian and Syrian air defense systems.

"Putin said that he was frightened by the US deploying its air defense systems in Syria, but the US Air Force was able to easily overcome several hundred kilometers, to launch missile and bomb strikes on the positions of" IGIL "* and return to their bases again. Is it worthwhile to prove that Russia is strong only in words? ", - comments on this news user "Facebook".

"While the Russians are talking about their power and invincibility, the US Air Force is bombing the position of terrorists. Keep it up!", - the user of the "American Military Forum" asserts.

It should be clarified that so far there have been no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but the very fact that American fighters were able to unnoticed penetrate into the closed Syrian airspace raises a lot of questions, especially since the Russian military argued that they completely control the airspace over Syria and on the borders of this Arab republic.

Robyats! Enough to be rude ... We de most that on there! .. Enough! On a cunning loaf there is a drin with taiga.

Does Israel have f 22?))

Who is who cheated here hz toli did not see whether they pretended not to see ....

This is not the first case. Israeli f22 regularly and with impunity attack the Syrian Russian military base, the sofa experts say it in concert, but they are bombing the base including the vaunted With 400. Why do not you see With 400 about it, see Solovyov

How much can you talk nonsense? And the Americans and ours do not fly in the areas of responsibility of each other without an agreement on this. Otherwise, we would have been shot down for a long time, and we - their plane, and there, look, before the war is close ...

one American general confessed, in Syria, not even a sparrow
It will take off without the consent of the Russian VX

Cutting the money is a sweet thing!

How many vsepropalschikov divorced, horror! "Ours missed," "ours overslept," "ours did not dare" ... Once again I remind the sofa "specialists" - all flights of Americans in the area of ​​responsibility of the Aerospace Forces are coordinated by them in the same way as our flights in their area of ​​responsibility. and tasks performed! But not like that, they took and flew from the bay, floundering! The Amers are already afraid to meet with our flyers in the air and air defense, and so, in an impudent way, and even more so ...

What are all the specialists and strategists! I do not want to touch the phrase from the great Rustaveli.

So after all, this would not have been a "sensation", but here such
an expository article is obtained)

And lead, do not forget to fully describe the fact, but to knock down the light engine of the order was not ....

It would be interesting to look at this all knowledgeable user from the social network on his reaction suggesting that he throw his point at the place of 2 pilot

Amerikosy in no way can bomb the Russian bases in Syria. They know that they will immediately receive from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a furious condemnation !!

Tuff is all about the fact that the Americans have bypassed the Russian air defense. The Russians allowed them to play a little bit to bomb IGIL, only this and we must speak. These assholes are afraid not to fly, but they are afraid to take a ride on their planes on the strip.

Daish "" bombing is not forbidden, let the Pindos frolic, the same children ...

Check your pants for a smell. While there is no war between our countries, both ours and their aircraft fly over the whole of Syria, adhering to certain rules for avoiding collisions. Air Defense works the same way. If the US bombs Khmaynim and Tartus - then you can rejoice over them. But not for long ...

If my memory does not change, then all such sorties are coordinated with the command of the Russian contingent in Syria.

The author, whence such confidence that ours and the Syrian air defense did not notice them, and if they just let the Barmaleys miss the idea?

once a year and the rake shoots

What a funny word "frightened", for as long as I remember the public statements of American and Russian politicians and the military, so far only the United States has been intimidated, but have done it)) In Syria, between the Russian Federation and the United States, there is essentially testing of mutual systems of defeat and response in t .h. Electronic warfare, etc.
Most recently, there were American shouts in the press about an "attack" on American electronic reconnaissance planes and hysterics with assurances that they were flying there solely for the purpose of controlling Iran and ISIS, but soon two such US aircraft were undergoing expensive repairs, well, how would they they will not shout about their helplessness against electronic warfare systems, otherwise they will lose the last allies.

I wonder where these gentlemen know from, did they notice our planes or did not they notice? Probably they were told by ours: like you bombed igil here, but we did not change your mind. It's ridiculous, to her God.

What is the social network? What is the exact intelligence information? 100% amerikosy warned ours that they were flying to bomb the IG and ours did not mind. but they keep silent about it. This is such a cunning lie, not everything is to say. The main sow doubts among the gullible, but they will raise the hubbub.

Yes, rather, I already am bored with UNCERTAINTY

In general, if they were flying to bomb the ISIL, let them help. Why do we have to shoot down the Americans ?? We are with ISIS and we are fighting. I feel like everyone's brainwashed.

Yes, "yours" have done it. And ours do not suffer from this.

but why in general the Syriacs Russian bases guard 2 sq km

Maybe the Americans warned the Russian side that they would bomb Ibil into the Palmyra area.

I agree, the Yankees are cowardly dogs, without agreement on the flight through the territory of Syria was not done.

I have never seen inflatable missiles shoot down planes ...

If this were the case, Syria and the SAA troops would have been razed to the ground long ago, and Assad had been kicked like Muammar Kadafi, and, besides except for the dulled helpless American punk that they had flown somewhere, in some lousy article, there was nothing more it is visible and it is not audible.

This is a concerted action, do not fool ...

The Russian Federation and the United States have an agreement on the prevention of air incidents, and therefore the US should have warned about any maneuvers of its military in this square, so to say no visibility or something like that it's just either being stupid or lying

We can see that ours, since the Pindos where they want to fly and fly!

I agree with Anatoly. The Americans warned our military and flew calmly. Most likely, they assumed such a sensation in their press, otherwise they would not risk it: "they will see or not see"

But how to serve all the sick in the army!

It is important to understand that Rust's plane was landing on Red Square, although the air defense noticed it. It's not the air defense in Syria that's bad - it's the lack of will to shoot down American planes!

Totally agree with you. These pimply youths, "criticizing" the actions of our military, expect to hide behind dads and moms. Let them not count.

And why did they decide that the air defense did not control their flight? 100 percent that the Amers were warned about the flight and got permission, because blows were planned for the positions of the IGIL. Do not think of Amers as idiots, they would not have stuck to a surprise, they will see or not see, they will either shoot or not!

The Americans bombed IGIL?

Yes, laaad? But immediately after the deployment of new "C" -oks in Syria, everyone was threateningly warned - "just stick your head!" Are we covering only our bases now? From drones? "Good" air defense. And what is its meaning if we consider that the strike by air-to-ground missiles is delivered from a distance? Radars can read flight missions and thoughts of American pilots

What would these teenagers have had to write commentators if American fighters were shot down? What started the war between Russia and the United States? What soon will they and their relatives have to go to slaughter? Or cowardly would not have kept such a fact?

an article about how stupid people show their own ineptness, commenting on the inactivity of the air defense of Russia. Apparently they do not understand some of the explanations of the Ministry of Defense that it will ONLY react to air defense in the face of an immediate threat to the military Russia and its bases.
Russia did not use the air defense system for the whole of Syria.



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