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Russian air defense systems began to better detect enemy missiles

Russia has improved the detection of enemy missiles.

Specialists of the Central Military District (CEC) increased the detection range of cruise missiles by a third.

Reporting this, TASS cites the words of the commander of the Central Military District Colonel-General Alexander Lapin. He said that during the command and staff exercises to manage the aviation force and air defense forces, test applications of mobile radars for the new fleet were conducted.

As the general stated, these stations were “Podlet-KHNUMX”, “Niobiy-SV”, “Nebo-SVU”, which entered the troops of the VPO okrug.

"The use of radar and maneuverable reconnaissance and fire groups consisting of Buk-М2, Thor М1 anti-aircraft missile systems, Pantsir-С1" - guns increased the detection range of cruise missiles by almost a third - to 65 kilometers "said Lapin.

The exercises, which were discussed by the Colonel-General, took place in winter at the Kapustin Yar range (Astrakhan Region). Almost three thousand servicemen took part in them.

As reported in April, Russian anti-aircraft complexes will receive passive circular review stations that are invisible in the radio band.