Russian air defense systems made an American military aircraft flee in panic at Syrian borders

An American military plane ran into the Russian C-400 and escaped.

The American military anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon, while conducting an intelligence mission in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, did not reach Russian military bases in Syria. When approaching the Russian military base in Tartus, an American military aircraft deployed Russian air defense systems, as a result of which the latter was forced to interrupt its mission.

According to experts, a few hours ago, an American military aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon was seen near the borders of Lebanon. As reporters managed to find out, the aircraft was forced to circle and head to the central part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The reason for this was rocket firing conducted off the coast of Lebanon and Syria using air defense means, according to some reports, this also applies to the S-400 air defense system located in Latakia.

A number of sources report that a warning was sent to the crew of the American anti-submarine aircraft that the aircraft was entering the missile firing area, and therefore Russia relinquished responsibility for the safety of the US Navy aircraft, which served as the reason for the latter to turn around and leave to the central part of the Mediterranean Sea.