Sinking frigate


Russian EW systems will bury American aircraft carrier group in the Arctic Ocean

Without satellites, communications and navigation: the US carrier strike group can stay in the Arctic forever.

Against the background of the US intentions to send its carrier-based strike group to the Arctic, and to conduct warships as close as possible to Russian territory, experts did not rule out that American ships could remain in the Arctic Ocean forever.

The arguments of the specialists are primarily due to the fact that Russia is actively deploying its electronic warfare and suppression assets along its own northern borders. At the moment, it is known about the appearance in this region of EW "Murmansk" complexes capable of suppressing not only the enemy's electronics, but also the means of communication, GPS and communication with satellites.

“Any US carrier strike team needs communication and navigation. If in Washington they decide to use the Northern Sea Route, Russian EW facilities can easily leave this sea connection without communication and navigation, which in most difficult conditions can completely bury American ships in the ice ”, - the expert marks.

The Western media also expressed a number of doubts about this, noting that it was because of the interference with GPS that the Norwegian frigate collided with the sea vessel, as a result of which it sank, which, however, had not yet found any evidence.

"... to leave without contact the American ships ...",
but also help them go to the bottom. Until the US understands that they have nothing to do here.

I do not think that the US will take risks and engage in provokatsii