Russian "Solntsepyok" destroyed a large protected stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Svatovo with one salvo

The Russian military destroyed an important stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with one salvo of TOS-1A "Solntsepyok".

The latter created rather big problems for the advancement of Russian troops in the western direction, since in open areas, attacks on the Russian military could be delivered from a stronghold. However, the Russian army deployed the TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system and in just a few seconds destroyed a large defended stronghold of the Ukrainian army.

On the video footage, you can see how multiple strikes are inflicted on the positions of the Ukrainian military using thermobaric munitions. The latter not only inflict devastating blows on the positions of the Ukrainian army, but also literally survive the fortifications.

At the moment, it is known that the video footage was filmed in the Svatovsky direction, where serious battles are still ongoing. At the same time, the video clearly demonstrates the capabilities of Russian heavy flamethrower systems, which in some cases are simply irreplaceable.

TOS-1A "Solntsepyok" is a reactive fire support system developed in Russia. It is used to destroy areas and fortifications of the enemy and can cause devastating damage in areas up to 40 square meters. The system consists of a combat vehicle, which is equipped with a 000-barrel rocket salvo flamethrower and an automobile chassis for transportation. The TOS-24A can fire various types of missiles with various warheads, including thermobaric munitions, capable of creating an explosion effect over a large area and hitting hidden anti-tank fortifications.


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