Patrol ship


Russian patrol ships clamped down an American warship in the Black Sea

The appearance in the Black Sea of ​​an American warship became a problem for the US Navy.

The American warship USNS Yuma, which appeared about a day ago in the Black Sea, was caught by Russian patrol ships near Georgian territorial waters. Despite the fact that Georgia is an American ally, for unknown reasons, the US Navy ship was denied entry into the waters of Georgia, while from the east the sea ship was caught by two Russian warships.

It is noteworthy that, in order to avoid discrediting, the captain of the USNS Yuma warship turned off the tracking system for the movement of the ship, however, according to information available to the resource, the warship is still located in the international waters of Black seas.

It should be noted that the reason for the appearance of the American warship in the Black Sea is still unknown - neither the United States nor Georgia comment on this situation, however, the ship will either have to leave the Black Sea or head to its western shores.

Our missiles are clearly faster than 80 km / h

BDK 775

Graduates of the NAVA schools received the title of navigator of small SWIMMING, further increasing to the captain of FAR SWIMMING. Now these titles are not, according to the latest edition of the STCW Convention. Just a diploma entry Captain, first-time navigator with restrictions.

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This is not the BDK landing ship, but the BNK (large anti-submarine ship) of the 1135 project.

This is not the BDK, but the BOD of the project, if it does not change memory, 1135, 70's. don't mislead people, Victor.

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You at least instead of the landing, the patrol ship showed in the photo.
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Interesting. And how do you imagine the clamping of our American ships. They blocked him and he can not turn around or back up? And why do you write about patrol ships, and expose photos of the BDK and helicopters. Then one connoisseur of our ships and their weapons put up a drawing of an American cruiser attacking our submarine. And gave out for our ship. And he began to extol supposedly our anti-submarine weapon system. Why do you think there is a problem for the US Navy? Did you know their plan and purpose of appearing in the Black Sea? And Georgia did not give any (in extreme cases at this time) information about not letting the ship into its port. Why invent sensations from scratch?