Russian strategic bombers "emerged" at the borders of the United States, but F-22 did not have time to react

Russian strategic aviation "destroyed" the United States before they came to their senses in Washington.

This afternoon, the Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 made an 12 hour flight, and suddenly “visited” the American borders. According to official data, four strategic bomber were at a distance of several hundred kilometers from Alaska, and the American F-22, who were late for their interception and tracking, could only identify the Tu-95 from a long distance.

“The Tu-95 has strategic cruise missiles that can hit targets at distances of 5500 kilometers. The American F-22, who arrived to intercept Russian strategic bombers, only showed their inability to oppose anything to Russia. In fact, Russian strategic bombers can launch a nuclear attack on the western coast of the United States while in their airspace, and this is a significant response for Washington. ”, - the expert Avia.pro marks.

Moreover, it is reported that even the appearance of fifth-generation American fighters did not interfere with the mission of Russian strategic bomber-rocket carriers, which continued their flight near the US borders, including along the Aleutian Islands.

Do not forget that both sides are training. It is not worthwhile to demonstrate the main trump cards in training.

This is a response to the imitation of a nuclear attack on Kaliningrad by the Americans. It was necessary to imitate only in New York.

If Russia declares that it is ready to join NATO, then all its members will leave NATO ....

we can assemble a Kalashnikov rifle from any meat grinder ....

I would also begin to declare in all international forums that Russia is ready to join NATO! That would be a resonance !!!

live with wolves howl wolf

this is exactly the best of us.

if they were flying all the time like Pindos, then the whole press was crammed with shit, as in the cases of our appearance in international spaces

And the chance of an error with such flights does not increase? Who suddenly slips a finger? it doesn't matter who started? will end all bad

Why then show dissatisfaction when NATO planes fly along our borders? What is the difference? All bad, and we are good?

It is high time!!! And then OUR pressure on all sides, especially the Jews took the case not to provoke Russia.
Let at least the United States think.