Russian strategic forces to conduct one of the largest military exercises in history

Russia's strategic missile forces will conduct unprecedented military exercises in history.

Despite the fact that the Russian strategic forces have a high potential and are constantly in a state of readiness, it became known that this year the Russian military decided to conduct one of the largest military exercises in history with the use of strategic forces.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in 2021 it is planned to conduct more than a hundred military exercises involving Russian strategic forces, which is obviously due to the fact that NATO and a number of other countries are seeking to create tension not only in relations with Russia, but also borders of the country.

“During the summer training period, the Strategic Missile Forces will conduct more than 30 tactical exercises with missile regiments and over 70 special tactical exercises with military support and security units. In support subdivisions, the duration of working out the field exit task will be increased to a month. In addition, the number of conducted exercises, both regimental, battalion and company, will also increase. "- said in the message.

To date, this is one of the most extensive programs to test the combat readiness of strategic forces, while, in addition to practicing coordination, such exercises will clearly become a reminder to NATO that Russia has very serious weapons.