Russian Su-24 and Su-30SM "trained" on new NATO ships west of Crimea

Russia worked out the defeat of NATO ships, which staged provocative exercises southwest of Crimea.

Today in the afternoon it became known that the crews of the Su-30SM fighters and the Su-24M front-line bombers of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy conducted a practice of striking the enemy's naval forces, the role of which, as experts say, was played by NATO ships, which are currently conducting their provocative exercises several hundred kilometers southwest of the Crimean peninsula.

According to data previously released by the Turkish media, NATO exercises are associated with working out support for NATO and Ukraine forces in the event of a conflict in the western part of the Black Sea, in connection with which, Russia could well go to retaliatory measures, especially against the background of the fact that the North Atlantic alliance is well known with Russian Su-24 bombers and Su-30 fighters capable of hitting sea targets from great distances with their anti-ship missiles.

It is known that the flights of the Russian military aviation were carried out over the waters of the Black Sea, but the areas of the maneuvers being carried out have not yet been named.

It should be noted that Russia reacts rather harshly to any NATO actions in the waters of the Black Sea, especially if the latter are of a defiant nature, in particular, a few weeks ago, the military aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces worked out strikes on US Navy ships.