Russian Su-24 bombed 2,5 kilometers from the Turkish border

Russian bombers attacked Turkish mercenaries on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Turkish mercenaries transferred from Turkey to Syria were destroyed by a powerful blow from the Russian front-line bomber Su-24. A Russian combat aircraft struck a group of militants just 2,5 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border, completely ignoring the fact of the presence of the Turkish military in the region. This is primarily due to the fact that the Russian side was not notified that Turkish troops were deployed here.

According to information obtained by the news agency, the strike hit the outskirts of the settlement of Darkush, located in northwestern Syria, about 2,5 kilometers from the Turkish border. It is known that the attack was carried out on the camp of Turkish mercenaries and as a result of the attack, the militants illegally present in Syria were destroyed along with the Turkish military equipment previously transferred by Ankara for its subsequent use against the Syrian army.

In addition, the news agency also obtained photographs of a Russian front-line bomber's strike on the Turkish border. Judging by the powerful explosion, Russia resorted to the use of high-explosive bombs with great destructive power. This allows us to judge that a really large group of terrorists was discovered.

Good news appears more and more often. The Sultan does not understand otherwise.

Already more interesting. An Ottoman UAV is flying 2,5 km from Perekop of the Russian Federation near the Crimea. Then the Russian Federation and bombs 2,5 km from the Ottoman border in Syria. Not a bad exchange :)