Airplane chase


Russian Su-27 and Su-35 frightened F-35 fighters in the skies over the Baltic Sea

F-35 fighters deployed in Estonia did not catch up with any Russian fighter.

Despite the fact that four F-35 fighters of the Italian Air Force were deployed in Estonia at the end of April, it became known that the Italian pilots did not dare to chase and demonstrate their capabilities against the Su-27 and Su-35 fighters, which were their flights in the skies over the Baltic Sea. One of the objective reasons for this is the lack of effective means of NATO in the Baltic States to track Russian military aircraft, however, the second reason is much more interesting - the capabilities of the F-35 fighters turned out to be insufficient not only to cope with the Russian Su-35, but also in order to do something about the Su-27 fighters.

There are speculations that the attempt to intercept Russian fighters with Italian F-35s would have ended clearly not in favor of NATO fighters, despite the generation gap. According to analysts, seeing the approaching F-35 fighters, the Russian military would almost certainly have started to act very harshly against the latter, and the Alliance does not want photos with F-35 fighters in sight.

Experts draw attention to the fact that there was no real need to deploy F-35 fighters near the Russian borders at all - the latter will only help the Russian military practice attacks on such aircraft with air defense systems.

I don’t understand something, we all scare, we scare everyone. Are they reporting to you that they were scared?

Silly article. The plane is visible through the sight already from a distance of 100 and even 300 km
Approaching the distance of line of sight is necessary only for photographing and clarifying the type of aircraft, to show oneself and weapons on the wings, which means I can use it. The Western and American media so intimidated their military with the Russian threat and allegedly increased aggressiveness that only at the sight of our military aircraft there is an urge to defecate. Yes, our pilots are fond of hooliganism a little, check and demonstrate their aerobatics skills.
Probably, Estonian pilots can only fly and land on autopilot. So they turned on the mode of leaving the airfield and landing.

There is nothing not to scare! how is it? And Donald Cook? Why didn't they scare you? Enough to belittle your country, we live better than they if we put everything together

Here, a similar play on words amazes me. What were the NATO pilots scared of if they "could not catch up" with our fighter?
So ours was running away. And why then write on it? That's when ours will drive them out of only mischief to America itself (with a small letter intentionally), and then pour out a bucket of sewage from the bomb bay onto the White House, then write. And what I just had the misfortune to read only offended my patriotic feelings.

They are so scared.

Did the US deceive everyone? It can't be - this is the most truthful country in the world ...

If they flew to us, to the borders, then nothing will frighten them.

Maybe they didn’t scare them but confuse them?