Interception aircraft


Russian Su-27s intercepted American B-52s over the Baltic Sea

Russian Su-27 goodbye arranged for American B-52s to intercept over the Baltic Sea.

Active NATO provocations near the Russian borders forced the Russian military to finally arrange for the American strategic B-52 bombers to intercept due to the approach of the latter to the Russian borders. According to Russian media reports, only one Russian fighter was able to intercept two targets at once, which did not respond to the warning.

“The Russian Su-27 fighter was deployed upon detecting an unwanted presence in the Baltic region. The United States sent its bombers to an unknown target. The Russian fighter took off to intercept the American B-52Hs, which were rapidly approaching the borders of the Russian Federation. "On September 2020, 52, Russian airspace control over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea detected two B-XNUMXN strategic bombers approaching the State Border of the Russian Federation," the Defense Ministry said., - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Russian Planet".

It should be noted that despite all the actions of NATO and the allies of the military alliance, Russia did not allow the violation of the state border, actively opposing the North Atlantic Alliance by raising fighters into the sky, activating electronic countermeasures and constantly tracking targets with air defense means.