Bomber B-1B


Russian Su-30 foiled US mission to develop nuclear bombing of Crimea

Fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces disrupted the algorithm of nuclear strikes on Crimea.

US Air Force strategic bombers B-1B Lancer tried to conduct a unique mission of striking the territory of Crimea. Considering the possibility of using nuclear weapons by these bombers, it is likely that nuclear strikes were practiced against Russian airbases and Russian naval bases in Crimea. Nevertheless, thanks to the operational actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces, this unique mission of the Pentagon was disrupted - Russian Su-30SM fighters intercepted the planes, probably working on their destruction along the way. Moreover, this happened long before the US Air Force bombers entered the strike zone.

Notable is the fact that the flight of American strategic bombers was not timed to coincide with any special exercises, while Russian fighters promptly responded to the appearance of bombers and averted the threat before it became real.

“The United States practiced primarily the destruction of key Russian military facilities, including with the use of nuclear weapons, since today Crimea is an impregnable fortress. Nevertheless, the plans of the Pentagon were thwarted even in spite of all the secrecy of such provocative actions on the part of the United States ", - notes the specialist