Russian Su-30 foiled French attempt to sell Rafale fighters to Algeria

Su-30 fighters forced Algeria to abandon the French Rafale fighters.

The Algerian Air Force abandoned a multibillion-dollar deal with France for the supply of Rafale fighters. According to the report presented, Russian combat aircraft turned out to be so promising combat vehicles that Algeria decided to abandon even further consideration of the possibility of acquiring French fighters, although France intended to bail out several billion dollars from such a deal.

“The Algerian Air Force, like all other potential customers of Rafale, has now abandoned the French fighter for a number of reasons. The entry into service of the Su-30 exponentially increased the capabilities of the Algerian Air Force and was the key to making it the most combat-ready on the African continent. The Su-30 could fly not only much farther and with a much higher combat load, but its situational awareness was also much higher. ", - reports the American edition "The Military Watch".

According to experts, the capabilities of the Russian Su-30 fighters are sufficient even to withstand the fifth generation F-35 fighters. A little earlier it became known that in a training air battle, the Russian Su-35 fighter, which is much more maneuverable, lost to the French Rafale, as previously reported by the news agency

Something we hold back, somewhere we deceive ... all this causes distrust of the Russian media. Therefore, I just want to say: "Yakov Kedmi, tell the truth! .."

It happens ... who also pressed the French helicopter carriers made for Russia ...

apparently misinformation about the defeat of Su35 in the battle with Rafal was intended for the Algerians

Russians ... pushed ... the French in Algeria? !!!!!!!