Russian Su-30s intercepted two French fighter jets armed with missiles for the second time in XNUMX hours off the coast of Crimea

French Air Force fighters tried to violate the airspace of the Crimea.

A few hours ago it became known that a pair of French Mirage 2000 fighters, and we are talking about the very same combat aircraft that were met by Russian Su-27 fighters the day before yesterday, tried to violate Russian airspace from the western side of Crimea.

According to information provided by the "Hunter's Notes" Telegram community, specializing in monitoring the air, land and sea situation, a pair of French Mirage 2000 fighters, accompanied by one tanker aircraft, moved out of Romanian airspace, headed southeast, however, some time later, the planes abruptly changed their course and headed for the western coast of Crimea, judging by the information provided, intending to violate the Russian borders.

It is known that Russian Su-30SM fighters were sent to intercept French combat aircraft, which forced the French Air Force to change its course, displacing the Mirage 2000 from the Russian borders.

"The Russian Su-30 fighter escorted two Mirage-2000 tactical aircraft and one French Air Force C-135 tanker over the Black Sea.", - said in the message of "Telegram" -channel "Notes of a Hunter".

Experts call such actions of the French Air Force a sharp act of aggression against Russia, while the Russian military fully controlled the situation and were ready to open fire on French military aircraft with their own air defense means.