Russian Su-30SM, following the US destroyer off the coast of Crimea, armed with X-31 missiles

The Russian Su-30SM fighters, tracking the American ship off the coast of Crimea, had to be armed.

After the US warships openly invaded Russian territorial waters, it was decided to arm the duty Su-30SM fighters located in Crimea with Kh-31 anti-ship cruise missiles. This, in all likelihood, is about the same pair of combat aircraft that simulated an attack on a US Navy destroyer when the latter entered the waters of the Black Sea.

In the video footage presented by the Zvezda TV channel, you can see a couple of Russian combat aircraft that closely monitor the sea space near the Russian borders. In the video you can see that the aircraft are armed with X-31 anti-ship cruise missiles, moreover, the hit of only one such missile will be enough to disable the American warship, and in the case of launching two missiles, the latter is guaranteed to receive critical damage and will be destroyed ...

It should be noted that in connection with the appearance of an American warship in the waters of the Black Sea, a closed zone of several thousand square kilometers was established along the Russian coast, while the destroyer is constantly in the zone of destruction of Russian coastal missile systems.

It's not about range. It's a matter of determination .. A recluse from Ogaryov.

Another sofa specialist. Only the official declared range is 120-260 km (depending on the type of missile). The real range of defeat, thank God, is much greater.

And why do they need x-31 missiles if they don't have enough spirit to shoot in any case)) Russian coastal missiles have a maximum range of 100 km who do they want to destroy?

The Kh-31 is a conventional missile, not a cruise missile.
The speed is about Mach 5, but the air defense / missile defense system on the Arleigh Burke class destroyers is serious, it can only be broken through with a massive volley.

Very good news!