Russian Su-35 took Israeli fighters to flight

Revealed new details of the interception of Russian Su-35 American spy aircraft.

According to some information that has not yet been commented on by either the Israeli or Russian sides, during the incident yesterday with the US Navy's Boeing P-8A Poseidon military reconnaissance anti-submarine aircraft, which was intercepted by two Russian Su-35Cs after approaching the Khmeimim airbase, the aircraft attempted to cover up Israeli fighter jets that advanced into the Mediterranean region and attempted to thwart the Russian pilots, however, were forced to stay away so as not to fall under the distribution.

Some information on this subject was voiced by the “Telegram” channel “Fighterbomber”, stating that during the interception, Israeli combat aircraft were at a distance of 30 kilometers, for fear of taking any measures against Russian pilots.

“Taking this opportunity, pilots of the airlines of the Saratov province convey, so to speak, hello to the crew of the anti-submarine Boeing P-8 Poseidon NAVY tail number 760, which, *****, well, just registered in this area with its" partner "tasks, and asked me convey that "We, kaneshn, partners - do not spill water, but you’ll **** whine and complain, chees a word, boredom with you! Arrive with friends more quickly, somersault! No offense, no *****! Jews do not take with you anymore, they don’t want to cover you closer than 30 km "", “Fighterbomber” said in a statement.

The fact that the Israeli fighters were actually in the air is also supported by the fact that the Israeli air force was spotted in the eastern Mediterranean region, which does not exclude the possibility that the American Poseidon could indeed be under the cover of the Israeli air force , which, by the way, did not justify the task assigned to them.

Someone has unacceptable air hooliganism, someone has aerobatics. Our can fly wing to wing at a distance of 2 meters and. And, if the keel or screws were not removed, they regretted it, but in vain!

That's right, Alex, said. If Russia will be respected by Israel and will not go to vileness. She has nothing to fear from Israeli strikes. But the fact that under the cover of Russia, Iran is storing missiles at a Russian base is not good.

Yes, Alex. I confirm that we are Jews, we’re not hitting in the back and we are not selling for silver

Well, downed Il?

Israeli planes are so formidable that even from a distance of 30 km they made Russian pilots startled to look for protection under the side of a large Boeing)))))

They are Russian, they will not reach into their pockets for a word.

it is necessary to put in interference so that they collide with each other and the end of the ballast

Jews do not shoot without orders. Others do not provoke either. They showed their presence and bude. There will be a need to cover the base quickly and without noise. No drying time will take off, despite all the radars in Syria and Egypt. But this is not in the interests of Israel, nor in political and military ones. Russia Israel as a sane partner is also necessary. Israel does not stab in the back, unlike Turkey and Iran.