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Russian Su-35 again intercepted Israeli aircraft over Syria

A minute before Israel’s strike on Syria, the Su-35 Russian Aerospace Forces took to the sky.

Israel’s night strike on the Syrian capital did not go unpunished by Russia. This is evidenced by information disseminated by the Sentry Syria community, which reports that Russian airborne fighters rose from the Khmeimim airbase at 5 in 26 hours (Moscow time - approx.) Minutes, i.e., in a few minutes before Israel strikes Damascus.



Given this fact, experts believe that Russia possessed information about the movements of the Israeli Air Force and about upcoming air strikes on the territory of Syria, while it remains unknown whether Tel Aviv warned the Russian military about the operation.

It should be clarified that as a result of Israeli strikes on the Syrian capital, at least one person died, and three more were seriously injured. The Israeli side has not yet officially commented on this act of aggression, however, given the previously provided information that a tough dialogue took place between the Russian leader and the Israeli Prime Minister, Russia can take very tough measures against Tel Aviv.


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Israel’s night strike on the Syrian capital did not go unpunished by Russia.
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