Russian supersonic cruise missiles "Onyx" retargeted at NATO bases in Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria

The Russian supersonic missile "Onyx" was taught to deal with ground targets.

Considered one of the deadliest for enemy ships, the Russian cruise missile P-800 "Onyx", which can pierce a huge hole even in the hull of an aircraft carrier, can now be used to destroy ground targets. Equipped with a warhead weighing 300 kilograms, the missile is guaranteed to be able to destroy any ground target or concentration of enemy forces, however, much more remarkable is the fact that the missile, which can actually be considered tactical, has a target range of over 600 kilometers. This makes it very dangerous for Russian opponents.

“It can be used by submarines, surface ships, aircraft and land-based coastal missile systems. That is, we can say that the rocket is unified in terms of carriers and universal in terms of targets ", - said the general director and designer of the military-industrial complex «NPO Mashinostroyenia» Alexander Leonov.

Experts draw attention to the fact that for NATO countries such a step on the part of Russia may turn out to be a very serious obstacle in the deployment of new military bases and facilities.

“If earlier the Alliance feared only for their ships, now Onyx can also hit ground targets. Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and even Turkey - now all these countries are under the gun of Russian cruise missiles "Onyx" and this only applies to the Black Sea region, not to mention other parts of the planet ", - the expert marks.

The cruise missile "Onyx" is capable of speeds up to Mach 2,6. This makes its defeat practically impossible with the existing air defense / missile defense systems in the armament of NATO countries.

It looks like the song "Do the Russians want wars" needs to be rewritten.

The Americans, after all, have different missile defense systems, but they are ineffective for missiles with such speeds. The Saudis won't let you lie:
The Patriot did not save them.

It is necessary to explain to the democracies the possible consequences for them in the event of the depletion of all the nuclear weapons intended for them.

What nonsense, Onyx is certainly a good rocket, but that NATO countries do not have at the moment such missile defense and air defense systems that could reflect Onyx flying at Mach 2,6. I will probably disappoint you, but NATO countries have missile defense systems that can shoot down missiles at high speeds.